Femur said what?

I'm rewatching this show and I've gotta say, it's as fresh and witty as ever. I was jotting down dialog to get a better feel for characterization in my writing when I thought of an idea where I post random dialog and get people to guess which character said it. Ehh, might be fun xD

Anyway, these aren't brainbusters. It's just an entertaining reminder of how well this show was written.


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War Planets Pictures and videos

Hi all, two years prior the shadow-raiders series we all know and love, there existed an obscure war planets DOS game. It had some very interesting wall paper pictures and cinematic's.

Below are the wallpapers: (Links are now working :)

Bone troops   (These guys were the original planet bone race)

beast troop   (original beast planet race)

Ice Troop
   (original planet ice inhabitant)

Planet Ice wallpaper

beast planet wallpaper

Videos: (New video links are up)

war planets age of chaos cinematic

planet rock cinematic

planet ice cinematic

beast planet cinematic

Enjoy :-)

I'm looking forward to your reply's
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Hi all - new member here

Hi all, I'm another new member of this community. I'm also a huge fan of the SR series. I was also a fan of the old toyline that the series is loosely based on in my younger years :-D. Also, doesn't Ramset's accent sound a little Australian? 
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Mainframe Artwork!

Hi there
I'm a new member, invited from Youtube's Morgeil

Longtime fan of the Shadow Raiders series.

Just to throw a question out there to everyone. Wouldn't it be good if they released a book on the Art of War Planets Shadow Raiders or perhaps a book on the Art of Mainframe Entertainment as a whole (preferably in the late 90's, when they were at their best)

I know ReBoot has got a book on the Art of  ReBoot  as that was definitely Mainframe's most successful show with fully developed characters & story at least up to season 3, but I feel Shadow Raiders was a close second. Had it made its third season it may have been able to stand toe to toe with ReBoot or even top it.
There's so much mystery about the series so much we didn't know I just feel the producers never showed it the love it really deserves. So underrated! but that's my opinion. Any thoughts?
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SR: Tekla betrayed
  • morgeil

A few icons.

My graphic skills aren't really anything to get excited about, but I hope they're at least passable...

Anyway, thought I should post the handful of SR icons I made over time. Mostly for my own use, but everyone else is welcome to them too.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Credit and don't hotlink is all I ask!
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