Ry Sabir (ry_sabir) wrote in warplanets,
Ry Sabir


Well, having just finished a complete rewatch of the series about a week ago, I naturally started trawling the internet for War Planets/Shadow Raiders goodness, and was delighted to come across the LJ community. :)

I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to point me in the direction of their favorite WP/SR fics, as I am absolutely dying to read some upon finishing the series. I do write a little fic myself as well, so perhaps sometime I can turn the lens onto this show.

Actually, I enjoy all the Mainframe/Rainmaker shows from this era, including ReBoot (finally a full boxset, yay!) and Beast Wars. I find it interesting to note that Rainmaker's bread and butter these days seems to be producing the Barbie movies. While those are not bad per se, I would love to see them return to making fully realized shows like they used to back in the 90s. Well, I can dream anyway.

Sorry that got so long winded! Anyway, please to meet you all! Cheers!
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