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More quotes to guess at!

Still in mid season 2. More characters involved with the introduction of the Prison planet! But we have two 3-episode-absent characters, Princess Zera and Zuma. Have fun. Oh and I updated my SR story if you're interested..

1. "You know sometimes I miss him more than I miss my own father. It's funny huh?"
2. "Put your eyes elsewhere toad, or I will."
3. "Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock."
4. "Where is the exile!?"
5. "You know, I have no idea who you are, and already I don't like you."
6. "Excuse me Rock lord, but I have an alliance to run."
7. "Today, the people of Fire will return to Fire, permanently."
8. "Jade you got six on your six!"
9. "What!? No trumpets? I ordered trumpets!"
10. "The woman. Bring her to me. I will have answers, if I have to crush every stone in her body to get them."
11. "Save your insults Rock hound. Soon we will all be rid of what disturbs us most."
12. "We have picked a most unfortunate place to be marooned my friend."
13. "Next time, knock quietly. My hearing works just fine."
14. "Look at my men. They're willing to die for me! Isn't that wonderful!?"
15. "I don't understand. You have his thoughts, his memories, but you're not the Vizier are you?"
16. "Permit me. I've wanted to kill this toad for a very... long... time."
17. "Now can we please head for the nebula before something else happens?"
18. "Yeah! Defy him doll! Defy him!"
19. "My old friend has already perished."
20. "My you're a big one, aren't you?"
21. "Well, if you want my help, you know what you must do. Give me command of this Alliance."
22. "Jade don't shut me out! Jade!"
23. "But I guess what's most important is that my memories remain, and they'll stay just that, memories. It's time we stopped looking back and started moving on, to a better future."
24. "Why Cryos, talking about the stars? You don't seem like the romantic type, not like Graveheart here."
25. "All right lord Mantel you win. As of now, command of this alliance... is yours."
26. "Are you Femur's slave? His mate perhaps?"
27. "Ahh me? Nope, no, I'm nobody, nobody at all. Just a poor innocent by-standard dragged into this mess by this female lunatic."
28. "Then the gene pool was polluted."
29. "No... not Pelvis... Jade."
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