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Let slip the dogs of war

Hey all, a bit overdue, but here's the next set of dialogs for your pondering enjoyment. Mid season 2. Just to make life easier, Pyrus didn't say any of these. Absent for 3 episodes in a row :(

1. "If you want to destroy yourself, fine. Just do it away from the rest of us."
2. "Hey hey hey hey, I thought we already had us a good plan. We're gonna run away right?"
4. "And to think you didn't want me along."
5. "Success ratio at zero percent."
6. "Perhaps you could try using your eyes for once rather than your mouth."
7. "There's something about this place that makes my skin crawl."
8. "Forgive us. We sought to commune with our kindred. They are so far away, and, we have never been apart before."
9. "So many warriors, so little time."
10. "Are you completely mad? You could have killed us all."
11. "Now does anyone have a problem sacrificing this world to save our own?"
12. "For everyone's sake, what I'd like to... suggest, is a little R and R."
13. "Sorry, sorry! 'fraid I must get back to running the world now, I mean it doesn't run itself you know, Zuma will show you out. Too-da-loo."
14. "Why worry about beast drones? It's obvious we'll kill each other first."
15. "Lady Zera, please, slow down. I'm starting to hyp...er...ventilate."
16. "We are not an animal."
17. "Oh swell. Suddenly, I'm a daddy."
18. "Eeow! Bonding with the ladies. It makes me feel so, macho."
19. "If I were the enemy, you would be dead."
20. "Voxx is not a toy, he is an action computer."
21. "Boy will you be sorry when I become queen."
22. "Thank you. Your... sacrifice will never be forgotten."
23. "Forgive my outburst. It appears even my patience has its limits."
24. "Where shall we go for our bonding experience?"
25. "I would have a better chance training rock lobsters."
26. "Cryos and Graveheart believe in you, and so do I."
27. "Jade, again?"
28. "Though it astonishes me to say so Femur, well done."
29. "Ladies and gentlemen, Pelvis has left the building."
30. "All things considered, I see your point. Maybe if I show my trust for you, you will learn to trust me."
31. "Oh gee, will you guys lighten up? Remember, as long as there's life, there's hope. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think this little guy needs a drink."

I got a bit emotional watching the last quote's scene :'(
This one's just a bonus, you get a pumpkin cookie if you get it.

32. "Say what?"

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