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Season 2!

It kinda makes me sad because I know it will all end in a handful of episodes *whimper*. This dialog set is from the start of the season including, imo, Cryos' best line and stuff from one of the funniest episodes.

1. "You arrogant, flame headed fool! We, are the only hope your planet has.
2. "And you, eater of worlds, may you taste our righteous fire, and choke in it. For my planet's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!"
3. "It wasn't all that difficult."
4. "Hmm very well. To ensure our own safety, I will not have you shot."
5. "Oh please, don't be getting all kingly on me now."
6. "Ewoh, horrors! It appears the poor, poor emperor is...... alive!"
7. "Forgive me Jade, but  you are a far better warrior than you are a cook."
8. "We haven't had to fight off a Beast attack in weeks. I'm thinkin, there must be some way to take advantage of a... quiet moment."
9. "Don't you know? It's dangerous to play so far from home, BOYYY.”
10. "Eggs? What eggs?"
11. "Fate? Fate? What are you talking about fate?"
12. "Besides, it is far too late for that my, ancient, honoured enemy."
13. "Mmm, well, looks like our food problems are solved."
14. "You fight for food while a hungry child watches? And you call yourselves warriors."
15.  "I'm warning you. Stay away from those controls."
16. "Ahem. A-anyone for lunch."
17. "Ahem. Ta, daaa."
18. "Now, where were we before all this craziness started?"
19. "Though Graveheart may not strike a king, I have no such compunctions. Now stand aside."
20. "And, as much as it grieves me to suggest, well an example must be set. The battle moon must be destroyed with both, the fire troops and poor, dear, Femur onboard."
21. "This is a chance to redeem yourself, to wipe out a lifetime of cowardice in a single blaze of glory."
22. "Yeah. If Femur wants back in the Alliance so bad, I think we need a proper initiation, don't you?"
23. "Our fleet is under attack by drone ships, and the battle moon is still on course to the Beast planet."
24. "GUARRDS!  Deestroy these pathetic intrrruders!"

I couldn't space the quotes properly as punishment for pasting from word -_-
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