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*Gasp* *Points*

 "By the matrix, no! Not now, it is too soon!"

This dialog set is from the season 1 finale, Ragnarok, parts 1 and 2. Ahh, Graveheart had so many good lines in this...

1. "Fly low and be smart. Most of all ... stay frosty."

2. "Without me, your whole cockamamie alliance isn't much to squawk about."

3. "That's it ... just a little bit closer ... closer."

4. "It's payback time."

5. "As I recall it was your incompetence that put us in this predicament."

6. "Oh my, did I do that? Oopsie."

7.  "We few, we band of brothers, are all that now stand between life ... and obliteration. I for one choose life."

8. "This is madness."

9. "Well because I'm impetuous and hot-headed?"

10. "I do so love it when you say that."

11. "There is a nintey-four percent probability."

12. "Keep them back, knock them out of the sky! Argh! Can't you fools do anything right!?"

13. "We are no longer planets at war, but planets of war."

14. "Oh man we are invincible, which I guess makes me the king of the invincibles."

15. "The battle moon. It's gone."

16. "I -- I don't know what to say."

17. "The only thing that's finished is this conversation."

18. "Then cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war."
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