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Together We Stand

Here's another set of dialogs to scratch your head at. Or maybe smirk at because they're too easy. Second half of Season 1, excluding Ragnarok.


1. "Zera warrior princess. That'll be the day."

2. "A dead end. Are you mad? Do you want to kill us all?"

3. "Aww, our first argument. You wanna kiss and make up?"

4. "I do so love it when a plan comes together."

5. "Excuse me, but did you just abdicate your position of leadership?"

6. "Your place is at the forefront, where it has always been."

7. "Being alive is good, painful, but good."

8. "Pfft."

9. "It wasn't your fault."

10. "A baby could pilot this craft better than you."

11. "You know, I never really much thought of myself as a fighting man."

12. "Really. False modesty is counterproductive here."

13. "I'm too gorgeous to die!"

14. "You are one monumental moron."

15. "And you'd believe her over me?"

16. "No. You are not."

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